The Unknown Unknown in the Logic of the Mind

The Unknown Unknown in the Logic of the Mind Second talk by Misha Gromov at Stanford. Nov 11. I really enjoyed the talk, truly inspiring. He walked through different scientific fields including biology, linguistics, and psychology across several centuries, analyzing how people studied science and gave his insights (from the perspective of a mathematician I think). -worth noticing how rephrasing a finding in … Continue reading The Unknown Unknown in the Logic of the Mind



Today I was arguing with my friend about DNN. I was not a big fan of DNN. Somehow our conversation drifted to chaotic systems (he insisted DNN was one :-< ). This argument led me to google & read about dynamics and chaos and I found it soooo cool! For example, this famous Lorenz system. … Continue reading Chaos

Category of Networks PPT

It's interesting to find this presentation because last week as I was traveling and thinking about random things, I suddenly realized that perhaps graphs & networks are the underlying math for ways of describing our universe! We have social networks, biological systems, genealogy(family trees), entropy, lots of math objects (even knots!), brain, CFT, Feynman diagrams, … Continue reading Category of Networks PPT

Quotes bt Physicists

On education: In teaching history, there should be extensive discussion of personalities who benefited mankind through independence of character and judgement.  --Einstein Critical comments by students should be taken in a friendly spirit.  --Einstein Accumulation of material should not stifle the student's independence. --Einstein