Creative Ways of Communicating Research

I’m part of LYNX under the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal this year. Here’s a useful piece we received as new writers:

Awesome Examples

  1. Writing
    1. Quanta Magazine (here)
    2. Nautilus (here)
    3. Asian Scientist Magazine (here)
    4. Philosophy Now (here)
  2. Podcast / Radio / Audio
    1. Radiolab (here)
    2. Cold Spring Harbor Labs Oral History Collection (here)
    3. Philosophy Bites (here)
    4. Social Science Bites (here)
    5. NPR (here)
  3. Photojournal
    1. National Geographic (here)
    2. American Institute of Biological Sciences Faces of Biology Photo Contest (here)
  4. Video / Audiovisual
    1. KQED Science Deep Look and Future of You (here and here)

Stanford Initiatives

  1. Stanford Storytelling Project (here)
  2. Goggles Optional Podcast (here)
  3. FaSCInate (here)
  4. Stanford Humanities Center Interactive Archives (here)
  5. Philosophy Talk (here)

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