Author: Xinyi


Today I was arguing with my friend about DNN. I was not a big fan of DNN. Somehow our conversation drifted to chaotic systems (he insisted DNN was one :-< ). This argument led me to google & read about dynamics and chaos and I found it soooo cool! For example, this famous Lorenz system. … Continue reading Chaos


Category of Networks PPT

It's interesting to find this presentation because last week as I was traveling and thinking about random things, I suddenly realized that perhaps graphs & networks are the underlying math for ways of describing our universe! We have social networks, biological systems, genealogy(family trees), entropy, lots of math objects (even knots!), brain, CFT, Feynman diagrams, … Continue reading Category of Networks PPT

Quotes bt Physicists

On education: In teaching history, there should be extensive discussion of personalities who benefited mankind through independence of character and judgement.  --Einstein Critical comments by students should be taken in a friendly spirit.  --Einstein Accumulation of material should not stifle the student's independence. --Einstein