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Scalar Curvature, Convex Polyhedra & Differential Operators

Prof Misha Gromov gave two lectures at Stanford on Nov 10 and Nov 11. Here is a brief summary of his Nov 10 lecture: Scalar curvature influences topology and asymptotic geometry of Riemannian manifolds, it is associated with the Einstein equation, it controls the Hamilton-Ricci flow. Yet, the geometric meaning of the scalar curvature remains … Continue reading Scalar Curvature, Convex Polyhedra & Differential Operators


Arnold传略+Arnold’s Article on Teaching Math

I used Arnold's book for my first ODE class, and it was a blast. I later on learned more about this mathematician and find his philosophy of doing math is really inspiring. Here is a biography of this mathematician I found online. Written in Chinese. P.S. I'm engrossed by Arnold's way of doing math (geometry, … Continue reading Arnold传略+Arnold’s Article on Teaching Math