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Are all the U.S. Presidents related to each other? Shared from Quora

It will also be an interesting exercise or even project to work on the probability of random people sharing genealogy up to a certain amount of time. Are all the U.S. Presidents related to each other? by Brian Roemmele https://www.quora.com/Are-all-the-U-S-Presidents-related-to-each-other/answer/Brian-Roemmele?srid=2GFd&share=58fef9f8


7 Shuffles is Enough

A famous result by our mathemagician Persi Diaconis: 7 shuffles is enough. Put it in everyday words, to randomize one set of Poker cards, you need to (Riffle) shuffle at least 7 times. *Side note: according to this lecture notes, the interpretation is not correct. To completely randomize the deck, you need 11 or more. … Continue reading 7 Shuffles is Enough

Non-Measuable Ghost: Persi’s Halloween Talk

It was a ghostful Monday--a Monday full of non-measurable ghosts. You've probably heard of this one sphere cut into five pieces becomes two spheres story. This Monday Professor Persi Diaconis gave a public Halloween lecture about these ghosts. I would love to share an amazing proof that shows 0.5=0.99 or 0.999 or 0.9999. Well, with … Continue reading Non-Measuable Ghost: Persi’s Halloween Talk